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I have been volunteering at Wilson Parrot Foundation, for several months now and am very impressed by the owner.  I have had some personal experience with exotic birds and their human caregivers, but I have never seen anyone with as much love and compassion or birds.  He puts the needs of the birds in his care first and his needs last.  His birds are treated with care and love and I believe that is why they are the happiest and healthiest birds I have ever seen.  This organization is very well managed and his establishment is very clean.  He has never refused to take a bird in need of a home.  He accepts the sick birds, the feisty birds, and the timid birds and manages to bring them around to giving kisses, talking, and interacting with people.  He does this by spending quality time with each and every one of his “babies”.  He is currently working on building a bird house and a quarantine area for new birds in his back yard so that he can continue to take sick, injured or neglected birds.  Wilson Parrot Foundation accepts donations and I know that any contribution made is appreciated and put to excellent use.

Parrot Bird

I never intended to have so many birds, but, somehow, unwanted birds kept finding their way to my home. I was only supposed to care for them until they found permanent homes.
But for some of them the proper permanent home was never found. I have had many people show interest in Bo, Gertie and Simmy but I did not feel comfortable. I would go visit
homes that were not clean enough, not sunny enough, not enough time spent and I could not send them to homes that were not perfect in every way. I figured that if they were going
to leave my house they had to be going to a place better.

I first saw you years ago when I first moved here and I would go to Old Towne and just watch you with the birds in total amazement. At that time I never knew our paths would cross
again. When I first contacted you to take my babies I was somewhat expecting it to be the same scenario that I had encountered with other potential homes. On the way to your Aircon Servicing
house I was thinking that if I saw anything I didn’t like I would take my birds back home with me and keep looking.

When I walked into your home I couldnt believe what I saw. First, your home was IMMACULATE!!!!! I saw some of the birds out of their cages, free to enjoy a perch or the top of their
cage. I saw friendly birds. I saw funny birds. They were all healthy looking. None were feather plucked. I saw you kissing on them and loving each and every one of them equally.
Most of all I saw your passion and magic with the birds. I knew my birds had found a home.

I appreciate you inviting me to come visit as often as I choose and I cant begin to tell you how happy I am that you have my birds. I think you can do
with them what I was not able to do.

I don’t have alot of money and sometimes not alot of time, but, when I have any extra of both I will donate what I can to you.

Parrot Personals

The Wilson Parrot Foundation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing neglected and abused Parrots. Our mission is to teach the public about having parrots as pets and how to provide for them with caring and compassion.

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The WPF will continue traveling to shows and events all over the east coast to raise funds and educate people about care and commitment to tropical birds.

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